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Imagination-full Doings

Why imagination-full? It's a 'mouth full'  for sure! What we aim for as Steiner educators is to hold the space for our children to remain in the realm of their imagination for as long as possible. The phrase to be "mindful" is perfect for us adults but it didn't ring true for me when referring to our children. Until they are ready we want to foster imagination-full children as opposed to being mind-full. Let's save that for the adults!

Would you like to create a 'doing' with Starlight, maybe try a unicorn or animal mandala coloring?

Or perhaps you would like to listen to a guided meditation or some beautiful music as you colour in or fall asleep. 

Coloring and other art activities can be a relaxing and imagination-full way for children to express themselves and soften into their heartspace after a busy day.


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