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Welcome to my Wonderland!

Welcome to Stories with Starlight!

Starlight's stories are children's picture books lovingly crafted to serve as gentle reminders of the magic within our hearts. Each tale takes the reader on a captivating journey as Starlight and Bridget set out to fulfill their mission to  Restore Peace on Earth and ensure Freedom for all Magical Creatures.

Through the enchanting pages of Starlight's stories, children and adults alike will discover a world where friendship and fantasy thrive and the power of love and imagination is infinite. Embrace Starlight's wonderland and let this series of children's picture books with Starlight, alongside her bestie Bridget Bantam, ignite the magic within you, inspiring joy, love, and a few giggles. 

Adventures and imaginationful doings await you with Starlight and Bridget - Guardians of Earth and all magical creatures.

Our vision for your Cosmic Child

Lisa is always deep in the process of crafting more wonderful children's picture books for our young readers, and for you! MORE ARE COMING SOON!

Thank you for your patience as Lisa develops a place for the heart and imagination of your child. 


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