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Spiritual Travel and Shaman Vidal

Travel, from a spiritual perspective to sacred sites hold is such a potent experience. I could say I have been lucky to have been to the places I have, however I know it wasn't luck. I honed my vision and manifested experiences that were even better than I could possibly imagined! Some appeared on my horizon without any conscious planning from me - just a heartfelt image on my vision board that, when the timing was right, landed in my lap!

In Rishikesh, India while traveling with Brandon Bays and fellow journey practitioners we stayed in Pamarth Niketan Ashram on the banks of holy river Mother Ganga. We were invited to sit in the  presence of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji to receive his “darshan.” He travels the world, bringing the light of wisdom, inspiration, upliftment and the divine touch to thousands across the world. His gift to me was sage advice to "ignore the external chaos and follow only your internal GPS."

In Tipon, at the sacred water temple, I sat with Shaman Grandfather Vidal. He performed a sacred water ceremony to connect the Condor and the Kangaroo and bless the water that separates us and all water on pachamama. He gave thanks and blessings to the Apu of water, brushed me with a large condor feather and said I must return to tell the womans that, "they are the Gods. Tell the womans no longer must they say look at my nice car ... house ... because that makes the men work and the planet is not cared  for ... when the womans say look at my happy children ... look at our good health ... only then will the world change. The men work to serve the womens and the womans can stop this. So you understand, they are the Gods." I always wondered on what platform I could get this message to a broad audience .. maybe this is it.

Travelling through Greece and Israel was like a homecoming. Especially when done with a soul sister. Visiting the energetic worlds of the Gods and particularly the Goddesses! So much richness to explore made all the richer when done from the heart and in good company. We have had to revisit several times!

From travelling on then to Spain, a next level homecoming to connecting with my own Unicorn in Fiji - travel will never be the same. The immense world of walking through Petra offered us such incredulity in Jordan and there were many heart exploding moments as we made our way through Italy and the spiritual community of Ananda in Assisi and vibing with the spiritual communities of Damanhur near Turin. I never want ot stop! 

As I mentioned in my ABOUT page if you feel to travel in spiritual company please make contact and I will endeavour to create a tour for you with my spiritual travel guide.

It is the miraculous moments that happen when only you embark upon travel that feeds your soul and makes travelling overseas my spiritual oxygen.


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