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Brandon Bays & The Journey

The Journey was my first foray into self inquiry. I had reached a point in my life where I knew that something was missing - and it was me. Who was going to fix this I wondered and again the answer was me. So I dived in deep to heal inner wounds; banish debilitating beliefs and empower myself with a new and more inspiring image of  myself. 
I loved the inner work and I went to all the retreats I could and was a trainer on weekends. I didn't stop and before I knew it I had completed my practitioners training enabling me to be eligible to be in the bi-annual draw to travel through India on a 21 day yantra with Byron Bays and 160 delegates from around the world who had also completed The Journey practitioners course. In a nail biting draw of 20 Australasian practitioners my name was the last pulled and I was a spare until we realised there was glitch and so I was in! 

Over the 21 days we Journeyed and journeyed and had incredible experiences. I will never forget the lessons I learnt - the first one directed at my Ego when my luggage didn't arrive and I had to borrow other people's clothes (insert face palm emoji!)

Forever grateful to ALL my teachers on this most humbling and soul expanding, ego crushing yantra x


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