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Travel - from the heart's perspective

There are many seen and unseen benefits to traveling overseas to visit sacred sites from the expansive space of the divine heart. For one, it can be a deeply enriching and spiritual experience to visit places that are considered sacred to different cultures and religious traditions. It can also provide an opportunity for rich personal growth and deep self-discovery as you explore your connection to the site. Additionally, traveling to sacred sites can be a way to learn about different cultures and their beliefs, as well as to gain a greater appreciation as you expand your awareness of the diversity of human experience.

When you travel from the heart and not in 'tourist mode' there is a way in which you naturally disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get into the flow as you connect with the world around you in a more meaningful way. 

A connection with the local culture and people always enriches your experience. When you travel with a spiritual or heart-centered mindset, you are more likely to seek out authentic experiences that allow you to connect with the local culture and people. This can lead to deeper understanding and appreciation of the customs, traditions, and beliefs of the people you encounter. This awareness can also encourage you to explore and question your own beliefs.

Personal growth and transformation is almost unavoidable. You can be more open to learning and expanding your worldview, and you may encounter new perspectives, ideas, and experiences that challenge and inspire you when travelling from the souls' perspective.

I have always experienced an increased level of mindfulness and presence in the moment. This is because you are more attuned to the beauty and significance of your surroundings, and you may be more likely to engage in contemplative practices like meditation or journaling which go hand in hand in our travels.

To visit sacred sites and lost civilisations or walk the energetic ley lines provides one with an awareness of a greater sense of purpose and meaning. When you travel from a spiritual or heart-centered perspective you are likely to seek out experiences that align with your values and beliefs, and you may feel more connected to something greater than yourself from the smallest heart shaped rock to the monoliths in Meterora.

These experiences can lead to a deeper connection with nature as we allow ourselves to appreciate and wonder at the natural beauty of your surroundings.

I can't wait to book my ticket to my next destination!


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