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Does your home need a Blessing or a Clearing?

CLFE and your Home

Often times the energy of a dwelling can require an energetic cleanse. This is a very beneficial thing to do, and oftentimes either omitted or confused with a blessing.  Performing a blessing on your home before you've  cleansed it is a little like putting clean clothes on before you've had a wash!  Sometimes you can feel the old energy or disharmony when you enter a dwelling and it doesn't feel quite right? Buildings can experience disharmony too!

Before you book a remote CLEANSE + CLEAR process for your home/property, you can ask yourself a few questions: -

- Why do you want it?  

- What’s been or is going on?

- What result are you looking for?     
- Anything else that springs to mind in the moment to ask?

Once you have requested a CLEANSE + CLEAR Lisa will need to tune in to the property and get back to you with what she feels is required, along with price and a contingency price/plan if more work is needed after the first clearing. 

A CLEANSE + CLEAR of  property / land/ spaces can be tricky because of all the variables spending time or living there so the process may need more than one go.
Some reasons for this are:
1) Combinations of lots of energies in the mix 
2) Land and elements (water especially) included in the mix 
3) Bigger and less contained energy than for one person being cleared 
4) Many variables in the mix that don’t always show themselves straightaway 
5) Once a level of clearing has gone through there is more light which will reveal more shadow 

Once Lisa has agreed to do the CLEANSE + CLEAR at the appointed time, you / the client will need to be either out or sitting quietly if possible. Despite the remote nature of a CLEANSE + CLEAR the property and all its inhabitants will reap the benefits of the process.

Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life. (Marie Condo)


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