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Initiatic Art

I was introduced to Initiatic Art with Cornelia Elbrecht during a transformative weekend retreat in Apollo Bay. I then went on to become a student and attended a series of classes exploring this medium of self discovery. We use these tools in our Envisioning Board and Totem workshops. We can also explore other mediums as you wish when you book a 1:1 session.

Initiatic art refers to a type of art that is created with the purpose of representing or evoking spiritual or initiatory experiences. The term "initiatic" refers to the process of initiation, which involves a series of rituals or experiences that mark a significant transition or transformation in a person's life. In initiatic art, the artist may seek to convey the symbolic language and imagery associated with these transformative experiences.

Initiatic art can take many different forms, including painting, sculpture, architecture, and performance art. Some examples of initiatic art include the cave paintings of Lascaux, the pyramids of Egypt, and the Gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe.

Initiatic art often involves the use of symbols and archetypes that are universal and timeless, such as the spiral, the labyrinth, the tree of life, and the mandala. These symbols are often used to represent the stages of the initiatory journey, from the descent into darkness and chaos to the ascent into light and enlightenment.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, initiatic art is often regarded as a form of spiritual practice or meditation. The process of creating initiatic art can be seen as a form of initiation in itself, as the artist undergoes a transformative process of self-discovery and spiritual growth. The viewer of initiatic art may also experience a sense of spiritual transformation, as they are invited to engage with the symbols and archetypes of the artwork in a deep and contemplative way.


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