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Initiatic Art

I was introduced to Initiatic Art with Cornelia Elbrecht during a transformative weekend retreat in Apollo Bay. I then went on to become a student and attended a series of classes exploring this medium of self discovery. We use these tools in our Envisioning Board and Totem workshops. We can also explore other mediums as you wish when you book a 1:1 session.Initiatic art refers to a type of art that is created with the purpose of representing or evoking spiritual or initiatory experiences. ...

March 26, 2023

Does your home need a Blessing or a Clearing?

CLFE and your HomeOften times the energy of a dwelling can require an energetic cleanse. This is a very beneficial thing to do, and oftentimes either omitted or confused with a blessing.  Performing a blessing on your home before you've  cleansed it is a little like putting clean clothes on before you've had a wash!  Sometimes you can feel the old energy or disharmony when you enter a dwelling and it doesn't feel quite right? Buildings can experience disharmony too!Before you book...

March 26, 2023

Reclaiming the Crone - Rejoicing in Our Own Wisdom

Reclaiming the Name of CroneIn early cultures, the female elder was considered a wise woman. She was the healer, the teacher, and the one who imparted knowledge. She mediated disputes, she had influence over tribal leaders, and she cared for the dying as they took their final breaths. For many women in these cultures reaching the status of Crone is a major milestone. These women are reclaiming the name of crone in a positive way, and see it as a time to joyfully welcome one's position as an...

January 17, 2023

Alternative Teaching and the Cosmic Child

I thought the best way to explain my shift from primary teaching in Qld Education to the world of Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy would be to tell a story ... it went a little like this ...Once upon a time, there was a cosmic child named Lisa. Lisa lived in a world with humans who had forgotten that magic was magic everywhere. Lisa, however, had not forgotten. She loved that she was a cosmic child, born with the ability to do incredible things. Sometimes she could make objects appear just by intent...

December 13, 2022

Travel - from the heart's perspective

There are many seen and unseen benefits to traveling overseas to visit sacred sites from the expansive space of the divine heart. For one, it can be a deeply enriching and spiritual experience to visit places that are considered sacred to different cultures and religious traditions. It can also provide an opportunity for rich personal growth and deep self-discovery as you explore your connection to the site. Additionally, traveling to sacred sites can be a way to learn about different cultures a...

December 13, 2022

Brandon Bays & The Journey

The Journey was my first foray into self inquiry. I had reached a point in my life where I knew that something was missing - and it was me. Who was going to fix this I wondered and again the answer was me. So I dived in deep to heal inner wounds; banish debilitating beliefs and empower myself with a new and more inspiring image of  myself. I loved the inner work and I went to all the retreats I could and was a trainer on weekends. I didn't stop and before I knew it I had completed...

December 1, 2022

shift your being (& your space) from density to light with Cosmic Life Force Energy

Cosmic Life Force Energy system (a.k.a CLFE), is a comprehensive energy system gifted to founder and director Anna Bluestar after years of dedicated spiritual work, in answer to a heartfelt prayer. To read Anna's in depth description of her work go to here to read my personal testimonial.I have been consulting with Anna and working under her expert and experienced guidance since 2009.  To d...

December 1, 2022

Spiritual Travel and Shaman Vidal

Travel, from a spiritual perspective to sacred sites hold is such a potent experience. I could say I have been lucky to have been to the places I have, however I know it wasn't luck. I honed my vision and manifested experiences that were even better than I could possibly imagined! Some appeared on my horizon without any conscious planning from me - just a heartfelt image on my vision board that, when the timing was right, landed in my lap!In Rishikesh, India while traveling with Brandon Bays and...

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